Captain Death - novel and feature screenplay by Jürgen Vsych

To save George Washington’s army, Clancy Redbeard, the sweet-natured son of a Virginia pirate, must kill his loyalist brother.

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1    Thomas Jefferson Hates Clancy

2    Blackbeard's Host

3    Clancy is Hung...or Hanged

4    Naider's Raiders

5    The King's Arms

6    Lobsterback Eats Clancy's Soup

7    Clancy Gets Himself to a Nunnery

8    Clancy Beats Up A Clergyman and a Priest

9    Anne Bonny...and Brother Roderick

10  George Washington's Musical Glasses

11  In Scotland with Benjamin Franklin and David Hume

12  To Philadelphia with Thomas Pain(e)

13  The Chocolate Pirate

14  John Adams Flips His Wig

15  Clancy The Red Warrior

16  Clancy Knocks Common Sense into Tom Paine

17  Paul Revere's Teapot

18  George Washington's Biggest Mistake

19  Kiss a Pirate

20  The Terrible II

21  The Exciting Final Battle

Jurgen Vsych, Captain Death