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Feature Showreel. To save George Washington’s army, Clancy Redbeard, the sweet-natured, bumbling son of a notorious Virginia pirate, must kill his loyalist brother. Based on Vsych’s novel.

John Brown – Haunted by memories of seeing an enslaved boy beaten, a pious shepherd vows to destroy slavery by any means necessary – including hacking slave owners to death with broadswords, and raiding the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, igniting the Civil War.

Pay Your Rent, Beethoven – Will poor Beethoven’s troubles never end? Stuck in an artistic rut, noisy neighbors... and now, the rent is due! The true story of Beethoven's inspiration for his most famous piano composition, Für Elise. Winner of The Prince's Trust. 16mm

America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman! The 19-year-old French aristocrat buys a ship, sails to America against King Louis XVI’s orders, joins George Washington’s army to avenge his father’s death by the English.

Thomas Jefferson at War – The young lawyer/scientist/violinist/farmer/architect’s intellectual background makes him the ideal man to draft the  American Declaration of Independence...but his inexperience as a wartime governor almost costs America the revolution – and his family their lives – when Benedict Arnold invades Virginia.

A middle-aged pawnbroker, given a year to be 21-years-old again, journeys through heaven, hell, and mythological lands to find the perfect woman. Based on James Branch Cabell’s 1920 bestseller. Writer-director Jürgen Vsych was named after this book.

Air Heart – Action-Adventure. Amelia Earhart battles poverty, her drunken father, mechanics sabotaging her plane, rival aviators, and the ever-present Angel of Death to become one of aviation’s great pioneers.

Advertisements I edited for Monty Python's then-brand-new YouTube channel. Jürgen Vsych co-stars as Ms. Gumby.

$on for Sail (35mm) A slacker is forced to get a job when his father presents him with a bill for $227,215 – the amount his father calculated it has cost to support him since birth! Starring John Vickery. Aired on Channel 4 in the UK and on America’s PBS. 2 short scenes written & directed by Jürgen Vsych.

World-renowned Napoleon interpreter Mark Schneider of Virginia, along with hundreds of reenactors from around the world, invaded Rueil-Malmaison outside Paris. Filmed & edited by Jürgen Vsych.

Brian Cox came to Virginia to shoot a documentary, "Addicted to Pleasure," written & directed by Tim Niel for BBC-Scotland. I first met Brian when I was Jonathan Miller's directing apprentice at the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Old Vic. Filmed & edited by Jürgen Vsych.