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Will poor Beethoven’s troubles never end? Stuck in an artistic rut, noisy neighbors... and now, the rent is due! The true story of Beethoven's inspiration for his most famous piano composition, Für Elise. Winner of the Princes Trust. 4 min. 16mm

$on for Sail: A slacker is forced to get a job when his father presents him with a bill for $227,215 - the amount his father calculated it has cost to support him since birth! Starring John Vickery. Aired on Channel 4 in the UK and on America’s PBS.

Antifeminist villains don't stand a chance after superficial bimbo Ophelia (Julia Lee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) gets an attitude adjustment from a progressively-

minded witch and her Council of Superheroines. Soon, the newly reformed Ophelia is on a comical quest to wipe out Virginia Svelte, Cosmetic Chick and others intent on setting back the women's movement. 71 min. 35mm

Bush and Kerry refused to debate Ralph Nader...so Jürgen Vsych took matters into her own hands! Aired on ABC Nightly News (first 5 minutes)

World-renowned Napoleon interpreter Mark Schneider of Virginia, and hundreds of reenactors from around the world invaded Rueil-Malmaison outside Paris.

Brian Cox came to Virginia to shoot a documentary, "Addicted to Pleasure," written & directed by Tim Niel for BBC-Scotland. I first met Brian when I was Sir Jonathan Miller's directing apprentice at the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Old Vic. Video & editing by Jürgen Vsych.

Advertisement I edited for Monty Python's YouTube channel.