Writer-Director Jürgen Vsych

pronounced “Yurgen VY-zick” (rhymes with “Isaac”)

With mentor Ronnie Neame, Director of Tunes of Glory

Edinburgh Film Festival with Brian Cox.

Directing John Kerry & George W. Bush

Son for Sail with John Vickery

Ralph Nader Crashes the Two Parties

On the set with Ralph Nader

With my mentor, cinematographer Conrad Hall

Pay Your Rent, Beethoven

Sharing war stories with Cinematographer/Director Guy Greene

Ophelia Learns to Swim with Julia Lee as Ophelia and George Gray as Larry

Directing George W. Bush

Ophelia Learns to Swim with Lauren Birkell as the Broom Witch & Hilary Shepard as Virginia Svelte

With Haskell Wexler, a great cinematographer and activist